Peeling Nails

Fix Your Peeling Nails Now and Have The Nails You Have Always Dreamed Of

Peeling Nails – Time To Fix Them Today!

Fixing and preventing nails from peeling would be the first thing in your mind when you see that your once gorgeous nails are peeling off! The majority of the ladies will surely be alarmed but before you overly react, get to know the reasons why you are experiencing a peeling nail.

Actually, a peeling nail is not due to one factor alone but several. It might seem impossible but some of these reasons are too simple to be realized. But simple as it may seem, it can still peel your nails. And mind you, a peeling nail is never pleasant.

  • Changes in weather and climate

–          Similar to lip cracking during winter and too much summer heat, nails are also affected by sudden change of weather. Your nails can get dehydrated which causes the layers to flake off when the climate changes suddenly.

  • Dietary Problems

–          Imbalance nutrition contributes a lot in nail chipping and peeling in a way that you lack protein, biotin, sulfur or vitamin B which are contents of various meats, vegetables and fruits.

  • Medications

–          Several types of medications are also found to be a culprit in drying of your nails causing it to peel. However, you need a physician’s advice whether to stop the medication or not.

  • Exposure to Chemicals

–          The reason why nails become brittle if frequently exposure to harsh chemicals is that chemicals have contents that can dry out the nails.

  • Infections

–          Pathogens that live under the nail can cause damage as chipping and peeling.

    • Too much immersion to water

–          Because water causes swelling and separation of nail layers, too much soaking to water can lead to peeling.

  • Harsh Nail products

–          Instead of taking care of your nails, some nails products that are very harsh on them. Too harsh that it can causing chipping.

Now that you know the reasons how you get a peeling nail. Perhaps, the simplest way to avoid such condition is to look out for the above mention things. Supposed, you already have a peeled nail? What would you do?

peeling nails

You might panic but you need to because a peeling nail can be repaired easily. Just add a little patience and do the following:

  • Never peel the nail off but rather carefully trim your nails directly beneath the damaged section but don’t trim too close to the nail bed. IF you do, you are increasing chances of getting infection.
  • If you don’t want to shorten your nail, get a toothpick and nail glue. Using the toothpick, apply a small amount of nail glue and apply directly to the peeling area.
  • Polish the outer layer of your nail in one direction.
  • Bring back the moisture to your nail by applying petroleum jelly or olive oil and massage it to the nail.
  • When washing your hands, use lukewarm water and add a mild moisturizing soap.
  • Always dry your hands thoroughly.
  • Using a nail hardener, polish your nail completely. But before you apply a second coat, make sure that the first coating has already dried.

But why waste time in fixing a peeling nail when you can actually prevent it from happening? Yes! You can truly maintain a healthy nail without worrying much about peeling. All you have to do is to follow these simple yet effective tips in preventing nail peeling:

  • Wearing gloves in doing chores. This is to prevent the exposure of your nails to potentially harmful chemicals you’re using during the chores like detergents and cleansers.
  • Give your nails a break! To do so, simply don’t overuse them as they are not made to substitute tools. Don’t use your nails in poking, opening a soda can or prying on something.
  • Massaging your nails as it increases blood flow to the part. As blood flow increases, it can assist in a stronger and faster growth of the nails.
  • Nourish with cuticle cream before going to bed. Cuticle creams aids in resuscitating drying cuticles and damage nails with its Vitamin E content.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Not only that it is good for the overall health, it also keeps the nails from being dehydrated.
  • Minimize exposure to nail polish removers as it contains agents that damage the nails. Minimize the use to twice a month but never use an acetone-based remover.
  • Keep a balance diet to ensure that you are providing all the nutrients that your nails required. Also, it is good for your whole system.


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