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How To File Your Nails Correctly

Filing your nails correctly is an art, whether you believe it or not. You may or may not notice that many individuals have either a long nails or short nails, but somehow they just do not look quite right. This is because most people are not taught the proper methods and ways to file their nails correctly to make them look very elegant. Follow these simple steps and you will have beautiful males for the rest of your life.

First, you will need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to make sure that you clean all of your dirt from underneath your fingernails. This is one of the most important steps, so make sure that you do not skip it.

If you have already cut your nails, then you will need to make sure that there is a little bit of nail left to file down. If there is not enough nail left, you will need to give it a few days or about a week in order for your nails to grow back out. In order to file them down correctly, you must start with the correct type of mail in order to get the best result possible.

Most people suggest that your nails should be in the shape of an emery board. You may have a different preference for your nails, but this is the beginning basics for most people learning to just file their nails correctly.

Remember, you will need to follow the top of your nails, back of your nails and the front of your nails in order to make sure that the entire nail is easy all way from left to right. Forget to do this and you just might have uglier nails than when you started.

Follow these simple steps on all 10 of your nails or toenails, all depending on which you want to complete. Both fingernails with a nail buffer on the outside is also a great way to enhance the look of your nails. A nail buffer will give them a beautiful shine, which can dramatically increase the aesthetic look your nails offer.

Make sure that you wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly after you are done in order to get all of the male dust and nail clippings off your nails. Moisture rising your hands with a little bit of lotion is highly recommended after cutting them.

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