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How to Make Your Nails Stronger Today

How to make your nails stronger might be the question that you keep asking yourself as you take a glance of your nails.

Nails might be a small part of your body but it can make a lot of good especially in trendier world today where nails are now made part of fashion.

Keeping your nails strong also need not to be expensive as it is not necessary to buy pricey nail products to do so. In other words, you can still have strong nails even at a little or no cost at all.

Here are some easy and simple tips in achieving stronger nails:

1. Hydrate your nails

–  A small amount of petroleum jelly will do that trick. Simply rub a small amount unto the cuticle and areas that surrounds it. Olive and castor oils are also a good substitute if petroleum jelly is not available. You can do it before bedtime.

2. Keep it dry and clean.

– Hygiene is a must in keeping a strong nails as it prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria that might grow underneath it.

3. Wearing working gloves helps a lot

– Wearing gloves will protect the nails from trauma as well as from exposure of harsh chemicals. So, wear gloves when doing household works, gardening and handling of chemicals.

4. Regular trimming of nails

– Using clippers, just trim your nails straight across and then a slight curve will round the tips. Normally, nails are found to be soft after bathing thus, it is the best time of trim your nails.

5. Push back cuticles

–  Cuticles act as a protector and it is not necessary to cut them as doing so might damage it. Just simply push it back gently.

6. Keep a dry hand and feet

–  Bacteria grow quickly in wet surfaces thus keeping your hands and feet dry decrease the chances of contacting fungal infections.

7. Eat healthy

– having a healthy diet is only for your nails but for overall body as well. A glass of milk and one hard – boiled egg a day will do since it has zinc content that can help in keeping stronger nails.

8. File nails in correct manner.

–  If you are filing your nail in a back and forth motion, you are very wrong! Simply go in one direction.

9. Polish nails

– Nail polishes’ protects your nails so, don’t forget to coat it. A single coat will do its magic.

10. Massage nails

– Nail massage increases the supply of blood to the nail, stimulating it to grow stronger at the same time keeping it shiny.

How to make your nails stronger also requires you not to do some things as it can do damage to your nails.

Actually, some people has some habits that are causing harm to their fingernails rather than doing good such as biting and chipping of nails.

If you want to maintain a stronger nails, you better put a stop on this activities:

1. Abusing fingernails.

–  Using fingernails as a substitute for screw, knife or other stuff to poke or pick things is a great form of nail abuse as those actions can literally damage the nails. It may break or traumatize.

how to make your nails strong2. Pulling of hangnails.

– If you are too lazy to clip a hangnail that you just pull it off, think twice because in doing so, you might hurt living tissues leading to entry of pathogens or pain.

3. Biting of nails.

– Perhaps, this is a common habit to most people but it’s damaging the nails in a way that it increases the chances of bacterial entry that leads to infection.

4. Picking of cuticles.

– This is potentially harmful to the nails because even a minute cut gives pathogens an entry to your body that might lead to systemic infection.

5. Ignoring your nails.

– Never ever ignore your nails! It may be small but it can say a lot about your health. If you notice any unusuality that doesn’t seemed to fade away, it is better to consult your doctor as there may be something more about it.

Taking care of our nails won’t really take much of your time and money as it can be done in a couple of minutes. However, you have to keep in mind that your nails also need some attention in order to be a lot stronger and shinier.

The bottom-line:

How to make your nails stronger is entirely up to you on how you take good care of your nails.


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