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What are the Best Nail Polish’s to Use?

200413312-001You maybe wondering what the best nail polish is that you can use, without spending an arm and leg on your beauty regimen. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the best bang for your bug nail polish is that you can order.

The first is a Wet N Wild nail lacquer that you can purchase for anywhere between three and four dollars at your local drugstore and even Wal-Mart and target. This polish dries super fast and looks very excellent and close to a true color that you purchase. Many people leave a report only having to use one coat.

The next most popular is many of the different mail polishes by Avon. Nowhere pro was one of their most popular brands, only costing an average of around four dollars. Any two colors are available such as your hot pinks and hot purples for women to wear. Many of these women compare the end result to the same they receive at a nail salon.

The class Revlon brand has been around for many years and will continue to do so. They are rich in color and provide a great, sleek and sheer shine. They are red color is one of the most popular and most classic nail colors that women use all over the globe. The Revlon brand is sold in many countries all around the world and is very reasonably priced between three dollars and five dollars per bottle.

Covergirl provides a great nail polish for around four dollars as well. They have very bright and stand out which colors, and are famously known for their many hot shades of pink. Many nail polish users also report great results with these, similar to the nail salon as well. Cover girl is very famous for their magazines and other products as well.

Lastly, our list would not be complete without mentioning the very popular brand, OPI. This brand can end up costing you a little bit more than four dollars per bottle, which would you will normally find priced around eight dollars per bottle. This is sold in many parts of the globe as well like many of the other colors. The color goes on very smoothly and many women claim this to be the best brand of nail color available. They also use OPI nail lacquer in combination with many different types of glitter, to give a dazzling effect that many teenage girls seem to love. If you have a couple extra dollars to spend, you may consider this brand instead of some of the others.



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